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Summer 2- London's Burning


For this half term we are learning about the Great Fire of London. For more information on what we will learning about have a look at curriculum overview using the link below.

Spring Term


We have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her life before she became our longest reigning monarch during the first part of this term. We compared her reign to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and compared the times. We then focused on changes in living memory and researched Queen Elizabeth II life before she was in line to be Queen. We listened to her first radio broadcast and wrote messages of hope, like she gave during World War II. We also watched some of her Coronation and discussed how it might feel to be crowned the Queen, when she was never expecting to be! Topaz Class then wanted to write to Her Majesty to share their learning.


The children were very excited when we received a letter from one of Her Majesty's Lady in Waiting from Windsor Castle!

Some examples of the letters sent

Spring Term - Turrets and Tiaras


Welcome back Topaz Class!


Mrs Maloney and Miss Curtis would like to wish you all a very happy new year!


To fit with our whole school theme ' The World has Changed' during Spring Term, we will be covering the topic: Turrets and Tiaras with History as a focus. We will be learning all about castles and who lives in them.


In English, we have started to read Rapunzel, focussing on traditional and non-traditional versions of the classical tale. Our creative curriculum is linked to our topic theme; as designers we are designing a new vehicle for the Queen, as historians we are thinking about the similarities and differences between Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II and asking questions to help us learn about the past. We will be learning and using skills to create portraits, as well as looking at royal portraits from over the years in Art and in Computing we will be using child-friendly search engines to research and present our findings to each other.


During our Jigsaw PSHE sessions we will be exploring our 'Dreams and Goals' - how we can set ourselves goals and achieve them, thinking about the emotions that go with this.


Mrs Maloney and Miss Curtis are very excited to be starting 2022 as your class teachers and look forward to being super impressed with your learning.


Please note that PE continues to be on a Monday and a Thursday.

Autumn Term


Topaz Class has had an amazing half term. Everyone has settled in so well. We worked incredibly hard across all our lessons. Our topic was ‘Superheroes!’, we learnt about different superheroes. In English, we made our own story where we conquered our fear using our superpower. We also created a comic strip to show how Traction Man defeated Germ King.


In PE, we trained to become superheroes to stop the villain who was coming to Tithe Farm to steal our learning friends. Also in DT we created masks, shields and cuffs to defeat the villain. On the last day of school, the villain took our learning friends but he hid them in the playground. We got our outfits on and searched for learning friend and found them. The learning friends are all safe and sound. In Science, we learnt about trees and found out lots of different facts about trees. We all know what a deciduous and evergreen tree. We also picked our own class tree, that we will be observing all year.


For Autumn 2, our new topic is Happy Holiday! We will be looking at different countries around the world, seasonal changes and making our own travel brochures. Topaz Class will be helping the elves to create decoration in time for Christmas. We all can’t wait to have another amazing half term learning together!

Welcome to Topaz Class! 


We are all excited and ready to begin our fantastic learning journey with our new Topaz class. This year, your class teacher will be Miss Noor and you will also be supported by Miss Lynch, Mrs Bowley and Mrs Evans.


Our PE will be on a Monday and Thursday. Your child will need to come to school on those days in their PE kit (Red t-shirt, black shorts/black jogging bottoms, black trainers), this can also include their red school jumpers/cardigans as required. 


In Key Stage One we develop our reading and to support this we require you to listen to your child read daily at home (a few pages is fine). When you have read please sign in the orange reading record so we know you have done so. 


Homework will be set on Google classroom and can be submitted on there also. 


If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Miss Noor 

Class Teacher