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Pupil Premium Grant

Many children and families in our community qualify for additional funding through the Pupil Premium Grant. This funding is provided directly to the school to support any children who are eligible for free school meals - helping them to access every opportunity offered to their non free school meal peers.


We are aware that there are a number of families who do not access or qualify for this grant but experience levels of hardship that make life more challenging. These children and their families are also considered and we ensure that we offer equal opportunities to all our families. If you would like to find out more about PPG and if you may be eligible please click on the icon below.


In reflecting on the broader needs of our community and the common barriers to learning  experienced by our children we have recognised the following:


  • some families have limited access to information technology.
  • some families are hard pressed to fund enrichment activities such as afterschool clubs and trips.
  • some families have very busy households and struggle to support children's home learning.
  • some families had poor experiences at school and are not able to support their children's learning at home.
  • some family structures are unsettling for some children and they require support to access school.
  • some families are hard pressed to provide the necessary uniform and equipment children need for school.


The Barriers to Learning experienced by our pupils are shared in the document below.


There have been many factors during the recent COVID pandemic that have impacted on pupils' learning. The barriers to learning document has been reviewed to include areas such as hunger and child anxiety.  This has been the first step in reviewing our provision for our most vulnerable pupils.


With the closure of schools for five months last year, we have not been able to fully determine the impact of the Pupil Premium Grant and we are aware that the landscape has changed for many of our families. With that in mind, coupled with a lack of national and local attainment data, we have not completed a 2019/20 impact report. Instead we are monitoring the impact of the additional provision we put in place during the autumn term and adopting the actions with the greatest impact to take forward into a formalised plan.


Current provision, targeted at all pupils includes:


  • 1:1 support sessions
  • small group support sessions
  • targeted assessments to determine specific gaps
  • well-being and health-realted support sessions
  • food parcels and free uniform
  • welfare calls to families
  • whole family intervention on benefits claims, housing and fuel poverty.