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At Tithe Farm we aim:


  • to follow the Government’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ and ‘Support for Spelling’ strategies.


  • to establish consistent practice, progression and continuity in the teaching and learning of spelling and phonics throughout the school.


  • to differentiate spelling and phonics work according to the needs of pupils, so that all pupils are given sufficient challenge at a level at which they can experience success.


  • to give children word work strategies that will enable them to become fluent readers and confident writers.


We aim to do this in the following ways:


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1:


  • Word work taught explicitly, frequently and regularly, following Letters and Sounds.


  • Specific differentiation for all ability groups, including children with special educational needs and those classed as gifted and talented based on ongoing formative assessment.


  • High quality phonics sessions in Reception and Key Stage 1, enhanced by a multi-sensory teaching approach, with an awareness of different learning styles including visual, auditory and kinesthetic.


In Key Stage 2:


  • Word work taught explicitly and regularly to all pupils (not just phonological work and spelling patterns).  Children will be taught about the structure of words (morphology) to guide their spelling, e.g. that ‘richness’ belongs to a whole group of words ending in ‘-ness’ and this ending is always spelt with a double ‘s’.


  • Teachers will apply the discipline of ‘over learning’, i.e. revisiting and practicing words. Little and often is the most effective method following the pattern set out in ‘Support for Spelling’.


  • Pupils who still need extra support with phonic work will be identified and targeted for intervention strategies when necessary.