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Physical Education



The Physical Education curriculum is designed to support the children in their development throughout their primary school life. At Tithe Farm, we recognise the importance of Physical Education as it promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is our vision to provide our children with an enjoyable experience in Physical Education whilst offering them further opportunities beyond the curriculum.  Our lessons allow our children to flourish in a range of skills which will be built upon each academic year. Furthermore, we strive develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of each sport they are introduced to. We hope to inspire and motivate our pupils to develop a passion for sport. It is our aim to provide an inclusive curriculum which ensures all children participate in a range of sports at their own level.

Our baseline assessments indicate that the majority of reception pupils are exceeding in their moving and handling. However, it is vital that we maintain this as the children progress through Tithe Farm. Therefore, we deliver quality PE lessons which are overlooked by our sports coach. This ensures a progression in all sports taught, such as gymnastics, football and dance, is evident. Every week, each class across the school is taught by our sports coach. Additionally, the class teacher conducts a lesson of PE every week to guarantee the children obtain their recommended physical activity.

At Tithe Farm, we strive to provide our children with a range of opportunities to flourish in their Physical development and other skills, such as teamwork, resilience and respect, by offering them the chance to be involved in a variety extra-curricular activities. These activities include horse riding, mountaineering, kayaking, hiking and sailing. As well as this, all children participate in the daily mile which ensures that all children receive more than their recommended physical activity per week.

In addition to the curriculum outlined in this document, we also host a number of sporting competitions to ensure the children develop their sense of sportsmanship and fairness with children outside their usual environment. As part of the long term planning for Physical Education, we guarantee that our children in Year 3 and 4 are exposed to swimming lessons. This is completed over a term during the academic year.

To ensure that pupils experience the pleasure in sport we run two sports day; a traditional sports day and an alternative sports day. During the alternative sports day all pupils experience activities not traditionally seen on a primary school’s curriculum; such as boxing, golf, human hungry hippos, jousting and scootering.