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Head Lice Advice

Head Lice Advice
Within most schools at any one time, there will be a small number of children infected with head lice. Infection levels remain fairly constant so we need your help to combat the bugs!
As a school, we want to ensure parents/carers are provided with the advice and support to effectively detect and treat cases of head lice affecting their own children.

We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding head lice, so here are some answers to your questions:

Who is responsible for the prevention of head lice?

It remains the parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children. School will inform parents of breakouts in classes, should they be detected.

How will we know if there is an outbreak of head lice?

Families will be advised by text when there has been an outbreak of head lice in your child’s class.

What can I do as a parent to help control infection?

  • Check your child for head lice once a week using a nit comb, which can be bought from the local chemist.
  • Keeping long hair is tied up to minimise head-to-head contact in school.
  • Detection and effective ongoing treatment of head lice is key to reducing the outbreaks.
  • If head lice is detected, wash the child’s bedding in a normal wash.
  • Check other family members
  • Regular wet combing is highly effective, using any conditioner.

NHS advice on treating head lice