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Enrichment Clubs (After School)

Extra curricular clubs will be offered each term. To express an interest you must complete the Google form which is sent to parents (usually during the first week of term).

Please note that an expression of interest via the form does not mean your child has a place in the club. As numbers in each club are limited, you will be informed which club/s your child has been allocated.

There will be a small weekly charge for the clubs to ensure that we can provide a high quality experience for your child (charges are next to the club name on the form). Payment information will follow when you receive your club confirmation.

If your child is entitled to PPG then the school will fund the cost of 2 club through the Pupil Premium Grant.  

Enrichment (Educational Visits)

Educational visits are an important part of our curriculum. Experiencing learning in real contexts and different environments help children to apply the knowledge and skills which have been learnt in the classroom. Through educational visits, children are also able to see how learning now can be useful in their adult lives.



To help our children understand the value of education and what further education is like, we took Year 6  to visit Brunel University. From the moment we pulled onto the university campus, the children were hooked. 

The visit included: a campus tour, an immersive dome experience, lunch and planning their own university society. While there, the children asked excellent questions which furthered their interest in going to university when they are old enough.

Some of the questions the children asked with the answers from the students:

What can you study?

You can study lots of different subjects. Some of the subjects you can study you haven't learnt at primary school!

Do you have to live on the campus to attend university?

No, lots of students live at home and drive or get public transport to school.

What do you need to do to be able to go to university?

There are a variety of different qualifications which allow you to get to university.

How much does it cost?

It costs quite a bit but you can get loans and it is worth it to be able to get a good job!

How does going to university help you when you are older?

It means you have lots of different life experiences and it helps you to be able to do lots of different jobs.

I have additional needs - does that mean I can't go to university?

No, I have dyslexia. I am at university. The tutors help you with your learning, just like your teachers!