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Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. We want all of our children to leave Tithe Farm as insatiable readers. To do this it is imperative that we instil an love of reading from the moment they start school. Developing successful, fluent readers who can access and comprehend a wide range of texts  form the foundations of our teaching at Tithe Farm. 

We teach reading by providing exposure to a wide range of quality texts. These texts link across the curriculum and allow our children to gain a deeper knowledge of the world and become cconfident and knowledgeable talkers and writers. 


We want our children to be imaginative and skilled writers who enjoy the writing process. Through our teaching sequence for writing we develop children who are curious about vocabulary, grammar and language.

The teaching sequence for writing is taught using high quality texts which (where possible) link to other parts of the curriculum. Through reading a wide variety of texts, we want children to have a rich understanding of how authors use different structures in their writing to enhance meaning and understanding.  Through their independent work, children will draw upon these writing structures to create their own engaging pieces of writing.