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Contact Details

At Tithe Farm we work in partnership with our families and the wider community to ensure the success of our children. There will be formal opportunities during the year to communicate with us about the well-being, progress and attainment of your child. We are also aware that there will be times when you will need to speak to a member of our team outside these formal opportunities – we welcome this. Strong links with home ensure we can support you and your child in the ways you need.

Who to Contact When

In the first instance, your child's class teacher is your first point of contact for any issues to do with your child. Please speak with them either at the end of the day or call/email the school office to arrange an appointment.

If, after discussing with the class teacher, you are still concerned, please see the table below for whom to contact next.

Phase Leaders

If you require further clarification or support after speaking with the class teacher, Phase Leaders are your next point of contact.

Early Years: Miss Brassinne

Key Stage 1: Miss Thompson

Key Stage 2: Mr Holloway

Family Support Worker and DSL

If you need support with regard to issues affecting your family, attendance, family support and safeguarding.

Mrs Molloy

Issues relating to your child’s health and development, including learning. For example, if your child has a known medical condition that requires support.

Mrs Maloney or Mrs Ryan
School Business Manager Any queries relating to school. Mrs Clarke
Deputy Headteacher

Any issues that cannot be dealt with by your child’s teacher or Phase Leader.

Miss Curtis or Mrs Ryan


Whole school issues or any serious matters or concerns that cannot be addressed by other members of staff.

Mrs Worsfold

Tithe Farm Primary School

Tithe Farm Road
Houghton Regis

Telephone: 01582 865047


The office is open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm term time only

Head Teacher: Mrs Rachel Worsfold

Business Manager: Mrs Sarah Clarke

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Leader: Mrs Kathryn Maloney & Mrs Ryan

If you require a paper copy of anything you have seen on this website, please contact the office.