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Summer 2- London's Burning


For this half term we are learning about the Great Fire of London. For more information on what we will learning about have a look at curriculum overview using the link below.

Summer 1 topic- Bees. Oh honey!

This half term our learning overarching theme is creating a better world. Year 1/2 are looking at bees, how they impact on the environment and how we can help to care for bees. We will be reading bee themed books and finding out lots of facts about bees to create our own reports, creative writing and information leaflets on the computers. In science we are going to be learning about the anatomy of bees, their life cycles, the parts of a plant, what plants need to grow and some common plants that bees would like. We will then be using this knowledge to plan and design a plan for a garden that will encourage bees to visit in geography. For DT we will be using honey to create different foods to share with others. We will also be creating our own sculptures of bees in art, inspired by the artist Suzanne Breakwell.

Look at our Bee-rilliant work

Spring Topic- Turrets and Tiaras

Happy New Year


We hope you have had a fantastic festive break and are ready for our brand new topic. Over the Spring term we will be covering the topic, Turrets and Tiaras. We will be learning all about castles and people that live within them. 


In English, the first book we have been reading is Rapunzel, focussing on traditional and non-traditional retellings of the classic tale. Our creative curriculum is linked to our topic theme; in DT we are designing a new vehicle for the Queen, learning about some of our past monarchs, learning to do portraits and looking at royal portraits from over the years and in computing we are going to be using child friendly search engines to research and create information leaflets using what we find out.

Our first term in Opal was very busy settling into our new class, making friends and learning our new rules, routines and expectations. Our topic was 'Superheroes!', we did lots of learning about heroes. In English we focused on Traction Man and 'Superheroes don't get scared...or do they?'. We completed lots of creative curriculum activities such as; designing and making a superhero item in DT; learning about trees in science; talking about who we care about and why in RE; learning to sing hands, feet, heart in music; using compasses and drawing maps in geography and learning to create art in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.  


This half term, our new topic is Happy Holidays! We will be exploring different countries around the world, seasonal changes, brochure making in Computing and we are planning to make decorations for the elves in Design and Technology! In English we have been reading 'Flat Stanley'. We have enjoyed reading a longer, chapter book and made our own Flat Stanley's to see what he gets up to in our classrooms.


Please come back soon to see more of our amazing learning in Opal Class!

Opal 2021-2022

Autumn Term


Hope you have all had a lovely summer break. We are all excited and ready to begin our fantastic learning journey with our new Opal class. Opal class will be taught by Miss Francis and supported by Mrs Cannon, Mrs Bowley and Mrs Evans.


Our PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday. Your child will need to come to school on those days in their PE kit (Red t-shirt, black shorts/black jogging bottoms, black trainers), this can also include their red school jumpers/cardigans as required. 


In Key Stage One we develop our reading and to support this we require you to listen to your child read daily at home (a few pages is fine). When you have read please sign in the orange reading record so we know you have done so. 


Homework will be set on Google classroom and can be submitted on there also. 


If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Miss Francis 

Opal Class Teacher