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Look at our amazing London landmarks! 

Our Superstar Newts!


Since returning to school after our second lockdown, the children in Newts have been outstanding across every aspect of their school life. This year has been very different, however they have adapted brilliantly. Myself and all the adults in Tithe Farm are immensely proud of everyone of them.


The children have shown resilience and perseverance in these difficult times. The children always following the Tithe Farm way. Well done Newts!


This half term we have had a busy term.

For Science week, we did a lot of experiment and became scientist for the week. We learnt how important it is to wash our hand as we observed different slice of bread with different factors. The factors were dirty hands, hands washed with soap, hand gel and untouched bread.  And observed it over a week to see which bread became the mouldiest.  One activity the children enjoyed was making butter. We danced around the whole playground till our cream turned thick and curded.


Our topic for the summer term is London. 

In Geography, we have been looking at famous landmarks. The children created their own 3D landmarks in London. We had a go at creating the Gherkin out of paper and card, it was very tricky, but we didn't give up! The children also learnt how to direct their friends using compass language. We gave instructions to our partner to help them move from the starting point to their cone.  


In English, Newts have done amazing writing all term. From writing their own diary entry to creating their own non- fiction book. The children enjoyed learning facts about London landmarks and creating their own non-fiction books with covers, content pages including fantastic facts.  We are currently looking at the story, 'A bear called Paddington'. The children created amazing News report using range of sentences and punctuations. 


Here are pictures to show what we been doing this term.

Look at our amazing Titanic models!