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A huge welcome back to Year 3 Moles Class! 

This year has been a huge challenge for everyone, however, you should ALL be very proud of how you have adapted to the changes in school and your excellent attitude to learning.

You have grasped everything Year 3 has to offer with both hands and have shown that you are all fantastic learners! Well done I am very proud of you. 

One morning last term, we came into school and found that a mysterious, large arm had appeared in our school hall. It was right in the middle of the hall and had been surrounded with police caution tape. How did it get there?


Where had the arm come from? Who or what did it belong to?

Mrs Pargeter needed our help to find out what had happened so we decided to create a newspaper report and hope that witnesses would come forward to help us find out exactly what had happened. Here are a couple of examples of our fantastic newspaper reports.

Tithe Farm News

We began our school year looking at the Stonge Age. In Art we created some fantastic cave paintings looking in detail at the style of a cave painting and using appropriate media. We produced some amazing pictures which are proudly on display in school.

Our creative curriculum topic for this term is 'The Romans.'We have learnt about the Roman invasion, what is would be like to be a roman in a variety of roles, how romans entertained themselves and all about Roman baths. Children were set a project over half term which was to show us what they have learnt about the romans in any way they would like. Below are a few examples of some of the children's amazing work.