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Since returning to school after lockdown, the children in Moles Class have been absolutley amazing across all aspects of school life. Even though school life is still slightly different from the norm, they have adapted amazingly and I, alongside all the other adults, are extremely proud of each and everyone of them!

They have shown compassion, respect and kindness to all of their peers and adults in school and approach everyday with positivity and resilience.

Well done Moles! You should all be proud of yourselves too.

We have learnt so much this half term across the whole curriculum, from understanding how the Anglo Saxons settled in the United Kingdom to how a Viking Longboat was designed and its importance during the Viking times.

In Science, our current topic is 'Light,' and we have been looking at how light is reflected, different sources of light; as well as how to keep safe when out in the sun. Let's hope we get lots of sun soon and you make sure you use what you have learnt to keep yourself safe when out in it.

Our Art lessons have been focussed on Photography. We looked at what makes a good photograph and understanding the key vocabulary we use when taking photos. 

I could go on and on about how amazing learners Moles Class are but take a look below at some examples of our fantastic work!


History and Geography


Art - Photography