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In recent years, Leaders have completely altered the delivery of Mathematics to support better fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. We have taken advice from two key local practitioners; Herts for Learning Maths team and the Enigma Hub for Mastery. By combining the strong advice from both of these experts, we are confident that we are now delivering a robust maths curriculum which allows all pupils to reach their potential. Historically, we recognised that our pupils were lacking an understanding of basic skills and this could be attributed to limited access to concrete delivery of maths. We know that a proportion of our pupils start at Tithe Farm, in the reception class, being able to recognise numerals and count, without a comprehensive understanding of the value of a number. They generally make good progress in Early Years; embedding what a number represents, counting with one to one correspondence and recognising one more and one less.Much greater emphasis is now placed on the transition between concrete, pictorial and then abstract understanding and pupils are given many opportunities to apply mathematical concepts in problem solving activities.

The overall structure of lessons has changed and teachers have adopted a Singapore style of teaching that requires more discussion and verbal recount of facts using mathematical terminology. In addition, the requirement to know and understand the communicative nature of timetables is woven throughout the curriculum and all pupils practise rapid recall of number facts daily, using published programmes such as Flourish. In-school competitions are run weekly, to encourage pupils to become competitive about the accuracy and speed of their number fact recall.


Wherever possible, mathematical concepts are applied in other subjects, this is best illustrate in design technology, computing and science, but can be found in the majority of subjects to a greater or lesser extend.

The files below indicate the subject areas covered in each term for each year group. Children in Early Years follow a slightly different plan and this is accessed in the Early Year section.