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The 4 I’s will be achieved in the following ways:

Overarching Themes

The curriculum will be pulled together by whole school overarching themes. These themes will be the same across the whole school. This will allow leaders to monitor the progression of skills throughout the curriculum.

Theme Structure:


Each theme will begin with a WOW start to ignite learning – this might be going to school in an earth quake zone and walking into the disaster which has left behind; it may be an immersive activity about mummification which will hook them in- the possibilities are endless!


To enrich the learning and provide our children with the cultural capital they need, educational visits and outside speakers will be planned. This will further bring to life the learning.


To complete each theme there will be a planned end point which has a link to oracy. The children will be aware of the end point at the start of the learning so that they know what they are working towards. The endpoints will be high quality so that they can be shared with families. End points may include a: presentation, podcast, gallery tour, essay writing, speech etc.

 Each term there will be one over aching theme. These themes have broad subject focus but will also include areas from across the curriculum:

  • What a wonderful world – Geography based
  • The world has changed – History based
  • Creating a better world – Citizenship and Geography and History based

At the heart of each topic are our curriculum drivers.