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Welcome to Hedgehogs 2020-2021!


Welcome to the Hedgehogs class page. We are one of two Year 6 classes and there are currently 30 of us. Our teacher is Miss McKune and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Bunce, and Mrs Rowe


Monday and Thursday will be our PE days, so please help us to remember our PE kit on those days.


Homework will be given out for English, Spelling, Maths and Arithmetic every Friday via Microsoft TEAMS. It will be due to be completed by a Wednesday We also must gain at least 5 'reads' a week in our reading record. A 'read' counts as a chapter of larger books or the whole book for the smaller ones. Our Reading Records will be checked every Monday.


Here in Hedgehogs we are fully committed to achieving our very best this year. We have SATs coming up, but we're committed to all our learning experiences - not only the ones we do tests in. Check back here for regular updates of our achievements!

Meet Your New Teacher

Look at our amazing volcanos!

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Dear Hedgehogs of the future,


I thought that seeing as so many of you are writing me wonderful letters, that I should really return the favour and write to you! I thought I should also attach a picture in case there are some of you that aren’t sure which Miss McKune you’re getting next year! I will attempt to tell you a little bit about myself and maybe help you get to know me better.

Despite how I talk, I actually didn’t grow up in Scotland. I did live there on and off over the years, which is why I have the accent, but I actually grew up in North London. My high school is straight across the road from the RAF Museum that you all visited last year. Also, I later found out that Miss Redpath and I grew up in the same area too! Although I am MUCH older than her.

I started working in schools and Year 6 classes in 2011. I know lots about Year 6 and I really understand why some of you might be a bit nervous. Don’t be! Sure it’s hard work, but every year is hard work and I am sure you are all up for the challenge. I came to Tithe Farm in 2016 and taught Year 5 for two years. I think I may have taught some of your siblings. I liked teaching Year 5, but I think Year 6 is my favourite year to be in. Next year will be my third year in Year 6 at Tithe Farm. They say that third time is lucky, maybe you guys will help me to have the best year in Year 6 ever.

My favourite subject to teach is definitely History. I love the lessons we learn from looking at the past and I love sharing all the knowledge I have learned with children. The topics we do in Year 6 are the Ancient Egyptians and Crime and Punishment. Teaching History is my happy place and I think people can usually tell how much I like it because I get a bit over excited sometimes. I also really enjoy teaching English and Maths and Music. I’d say if I had a subject that wasn’t my favourite, it would be Art. I’m not very talented as an artist, but I always try hard to give things a try – just like the Tithe Farm learners.

Out of school, I have to say I’m a bit boring. You will usually find me with my face in a book. I love reading. I’ll read anything with pages and will try lots of different authors and styles of writing. I love finding out about different times in history and as you have probably all already seen around school, I am a huge Harry Potter fan! Watch this space for when we come back to school in September!

I asked my current class to give me some ideas of how to describe me as a teacher. They came up with a lot of things that I think are quite fair I think:

  • I like things to be tidy and for everyone to respect our school home (classroom)
  • I don’t like it when people disrespect other people who want to learn
  • I have high expectations of the children in my class, but I help you to meet them
  • My rules are fair and clear. They know what I want and why I am asking for it
  • I am loyal to my class and they feel cared about
  • I’m funny and arrange lots of fun things for when the work is done
  • I have creative ideas
  • I am always singing and wandering around my classroom, it stops being annoying after a while (I don’t think it was ever annoying J).


So this isn’t the best way for me to introduce myself to you all, but it just makes me even more excited to meet you all next year and get started on a really positive year. We’ll work hard, laugh lots and build some wonderful memories for you to take with you to high school. Mrs Bunce and Mrs Rowe, who will be in our class next year too, are also really looking forward to getting you all back into the classroom and having a great year.

Keep an eye on TEAMs and the website for more transition events. I’ll be sending you a video of the classroom and how things will be laid out within the next week or so, I’ll let you know when it’s up.


Take care lovelies and stay safe!

Miss McKune J

Summer Term

What happened to SATs? We were getting so close! We were almost ready! It has been very frustrating because we don’t know how we would have done. Brilliantly, we suspect!

For Hedgehogs this term, things are very different. We have been learning from home and using our technical skills to access learning and submit our work. We have kept up to date with our Maths, English and Science work. All other subjects have been covered each week. A big favourite has been the DT sequence of lessons that involved us planning a meal, preparing and cooking it, and evaluating it for taste and presentation. The final lesson was to make a dish from a tinned food then create something with the tin. Look at some of our creations!

On 1st June, some of us returned to school. This is proving to be a real mix of emotions. It’s great to see our teachers and friends again but so difficult to stay 2 metres apart. We do, however, have very clean hands!

Spring Term Update


What a busy Spring Term we are having. We are writing this as we finish marking another difficult round of mock exams. Both McKunes would like to congratulate their classes and Maths Sets on some excellent progress. Even those children who haven't quite passed yet should be proud of the journey they have made so far!


But it isn't all tests and scores. Our class text for this term is Mr Stink by David Walliams and has resulted in some excellent writing opportunities. We really enjoyed the children sharing their autobiography research and the lovely family traditions and stories they have.


Our History topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians. As you might imagine the children are relishing the opportunity to explore this sometimes gruesome point in history. Many of the children are showing a real interest in history and their ability to question events in time and how we have changed through the ages is really quite remarkable. After the holidays we will be exploring the mummification process...look out for some rather odd looking oranges :) 


Many of you were lucky enough to attend our class assembly on 30th January. As we look ahead to our end of year production, we are very excited at some of the performance potential in this year group. It brought us real joy to see the pride in parents' faces, the gasps of surprise at our human bicycles and the lovely comments that were made as parents were leaving. The children were extremely proud of themselves, as were we all!


So we head now into the more challenging and stressful part of Year 6. It is going to be a tough few weeks for the children as we work to achieve the best results for them that they can. If your child is worrying at home, please do not hesitate to see either Miss McKune or Ms McKune. We have several strategies that can help them cope. Let's remind them that they are much more than a score and if they try their best, we'll be proud of them no matter what happens.


Thank you for your continued support!


Miss McKune, Ms McKune and Mrs Bunce

October 2019


Some of us were lucky enough to go on the Year 6 residential trip to Caldecotte in Milton Keynes. We slept in the Yurts which was so much fun. We really challenged ourselves with activities such as canoeing, climbing and the spectacular 'Leap of Faith'. The weather was kind to us most of the time but there was some rain. We didn't care!

What we're learning: Autumn Term


We have lots planned for this term! Our class text for English will be Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J K Rowling and we will also be looking at the life and career of Barack Obama by studying his biography. In Maths we will mainly be looking at number and securing our use of the 4 operations, place value. fractions, decimals and percentages.


Our Science topics this term will focus mainly on Animal Classification, food webs and chains and how the organs in the body function healthily.


For Creative Curriculum we will be looking at natural disasters, how they occur and famous disasters through the years e.g. Pompeii in AD79. During October we will be looking at Black History Month with particular focus on Martin Luther King Jr and Oprah Winfrey.


Mocks Weeks will be:

Monday 7th October 2019 - Thursday 10th October 2019

Monday 18th November 2019 - Thursday 21st November 2019

More details of these mock tests will be available in due course.