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Summer Term So Far...

WOW! What a term it has been! Since returning to school, post lockdown, Hares have blown us away with their amazing work. Each lesson they have been demonstrating the Tithe farm way showing us that they are responsible and respectful to all those around them. This is apparent in the effort they have put in to their learning.





Creative Curriculum

English - Charlotte's Web

Welcome Back Hares!


Dear Hares,


Finally! Lockdown is almost over for us and we can look forward to going back to school. Miss McKune and I were talking and just feel so full of hope, and energy. We’ve been away from each other for so long, but it’s been worth it and we’re safe enough to all be together again.


We can’t wait to see how much you’ve all grown, and hear all your stories. We haven’t even done the “What did you get for Christmas?” conversation. How bizarre is that?


Some of you might be a bit nervous about coming back. You may think that you haven’t been the best learner at home, that you haven’t always given your best effort. You may think we’re going to be cross. We’re not. Because guess what? We haven’t always been the best teachers we can be during this remote learning. We’ve had off days where we couldn’t be bothered, we’ve found it hard to have hope that we’re not going to be stuck at home together. It’s been a really hard time for everyone.


It’s not about who we were during lockdown…it’s about who we are going to be now we’re back. Whoever we’ll be, whatever challenges we’ll face. We get to do them TOGETHER!


You might be feeling like you’re really behind – you’re not. We’ll sort it. What are we always saying? We've heard amazing stories from parents about how you have helped in the house, learned how to cook or sew and how helpful you've been to support the learning of your younger siblings. This just fills us with so much pride and is a vital part of learning how to be a grown-up in years to come. Remember what Miss McKune always says - "If we’re not worried, you aren't allowed to be worrying." We’re not worrying!


One final thought, in the words of Barack Obama: Tough times don’t last – tough teams do!


We are a tough team.


So spend the last few days enjoying time with your families, relax. Look forward to our fun time to come.


See you Monday!

Miss Redpath and Miss McKune

Things to remember for coming back to school...



Just a few things to let you know and remind you of before Monday. Sorry it's a bit of a list, but it helps give you a little checklist of what to do


Arriving at school/timings


  • School gates will open at the usual time of 8:30. Please try not to arrive too early as hanging around the gates causes issues for social distancing,
  • Remember that those of you who have turned 11 since December will need to bring a mask to wear if you travel by bus or taxi. You don't need one in school,
  • The school day will be mostly the same with PE days on Monday and Thursday. We are still eating lunch in the classroom.
  • School day now finishes at 3:15 for you all, and there will be no after school boosters
  • When you arrive, there will be a big box out in the landing between the 2 classrooms. Please put all reading books you are returning into this box. We need to quarantine them for 72 hours before they can be used again. Those of you who have borrowed books from me or Miss Redpath can also put their books in there. We'll collect them.




  • Some of the writing and art work you have done at home has been amazing! We would like to put some 'Home Learning Best Bits' up to display. So if you have something you are really proud of or that we have raved about, please bring it in to be part of our display. Make sure your name is on it so that we know who is who.


  • Year Book! I'm starting to collect bits and pieces together for your end of year book. I'd quite like to include a remote learning section. So if you have photographs of you working, or other exciting things you have done on walks etc. please email them to me at It's really important that you get permission from your parents before sending anything and the photo must be only of you.




If you or your parents have any Year 6 specific questions about our new routines, feel free to drop me or Miss Redpath an email.

Look at all these amazing volcanos!



We have finished our first half-term. WOW, that went quick!


This half-term you have really impressed all of the year 6 adults, Mrs Pargeter and Mrs Worsfold. We have seen some amazing learning and fantastic engagement in our exciting topics. 


Below are just a few examples of the excellent work you have completed.


Welcome to Hares 2020-2021!


Welcome to the Hares class page. We are one of two Year 6 classes and there are currently 27 of us. Our teacher is Miss Redpath and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hawthorne.


Monday and Thursday will be our PE days, so please help us to remember our PE kit on those days.


Homework will be given out for English, Spelling, Maths and Arithmetic every Friday via Microsoft TEAMS. It will be due to be completed by a Wednesday We also must gain at least 5 'reads' a week in our reading record. A 'read' counts as a chapter of larger books or the whole book for the smaller ones. Our Reading Records will be checked every Monday.


Here in Hares we are fully committed to achieving our very best this year. We have SATs coming up, but we're committed to all our learning experiences - not only the ones we do tests in. Check back here for regular updates of our achievements!



As you know, the last few weeks have been very different to what we are normally used to. Many of us have had to change our daily routine, the way we socialise and how we learn. Believe it or not, it has been very surreal for us teachers too! However, throughout this time, Year 5 Hares and Moles class have WOWED us with their effort and level of learning taking place at home or in school.


Here are a few of the examples of work that have WOWED us!


Space work


History timeline




Creative writing


Creative writing


Puzzle Making


Above is only a snippet of the amazing work that you have all been doing. I look forward to posting more learning that you complete!


It is going to be a tough few weeks for the children as we work to achieve the best they can. If your child is worrying at home, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Redpath. We have several strategies that can help them cope. Let's remind them to try their best, and we'll be proud of them no matter what happens.


Thank you for your continued support.


Welcome to Hares Class 2019-2020!


Our class teacher this year is Miss Redpath and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Hawthorne, Mrs Hart, who we share between the other Year 5 Class, Moles. 

Our P.E. days are Monday and Thursday so don’t forget your kit especially trainers as we also need these for our daily mile.


Homework will consist of one piece of English, one piece of Maths (on the MyMaths website) and Spelling practice for our weekly tests which will take place on a Monday. Please make sure you read every night and record this in your reading log, we all want to become Word Millionaires and Book Quiz Superstars! This will be given out on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Wednesday. We also we be doing a lot of times table practice so that we are able gain certificates and appear on Mrs Pargeter’s display. This will have a positive impact on all of our Maths learning!


Our Science topic for the first half of Spring term is 'Living Things and their Habitats,' where we will be investigating the life cycles of different animals, and learning about the primatologist Jane Goodall. After the February half-term we will look at 'Properties and Changes of Materials.' Hares will be actively carrying out a variety of different experiments especially during science week.


Our over-arching topic within our Creative Curriculum is 'Queens, Kings and all important things.' We will be exploring the life and times of keys Monarchs in History and the impact they had on the life we lead today. We will analyse the Tudor dynasty and the significant changes they made to the church and laws in England, whilst also comparing the powers of a Tudor monarch with modern day monarchs.  We are all so excited to go on our living history school trip to Hatfield House this term, so watch this space to see what fantastic adventures we had!

 During the first half of the Spring Term, we will read and analyse the book, 'Wonder,' which will then change to 'The Spiderwick Chronicles,' after the half term holiday.