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Modern Foreign Language


We recognise that the development of language, both English and other languages, is fundamental to a child’s learning. Coupled with this, being able to communicate in an additional language supports the objectives in our equality policy – making everyone feel valued and welcome.

School Leaders have selected French as the language we are best equipped to teach at Tithe Farm. We launch formal French teaching in Year 3 and their initial learning culminates in a class assembly and café, delivered exclusively in French. The Café helps to provide an immersive cultural experience and allows parents and carers to support their children and celebrate their new language acquisition.

Throughout the rest of Key Stage 2, French is taught following a clear programme of study and is delivered weekly by the class teacher.

To support the awareness of other languages, the school adopts a language of the term and this is used for greetings in assembly and there are cultural displays based on the language and the countries it originates from. These languages are often taken from pupils within the school and they enjoy sharing their language and their culture with their peers. The languages delivered as language of the term have included: Romanian, Polish, Thai, Shona, Hindu and Welsh.

In some year groups 45% of pupils have English as a second language when they start at our school. Their English can vary from competent to not being able to communicate basic needs. These pupils are supported to develop their ability to speak, read and write English quickly, with a dedicated teacher facilitating this. Experience has shown us that children with English as an additional language enjoy learning French and appreciate that they are not disadvantaged by their own knowledge of English in these lessons and in some classes their French attainment exceeds that of their peers with English as a first language.