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Dragonflies 2020-2021


Dragonflies classroom is being transformed over the summer back into a reception classroom. Miss Francis will be the teacher in Dragonflies with Miss Rogers and Mrs Cannon supporting.


Have a look in the Reception New Starters section of the website to see a video of what learning looks like in reception. 


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me.


Hope you have a wonderful summer. We are so excited to meet you all.




Covid-19 Update: 

Recently our learning has been a little different. At home we have been busy doing our home learning and we have created some fantastic work which has made everyone very proud. We have had to all get used to a new way of school which has been new to all the adults in school too. Keep up the fantastic learning Dragonflies, you have made Miss Francis and Miss Lynch super proud! 


As of this half term, we will be having our PE sessions on Thursday with Mr Wheeler, we won’t be getting changed for PE so you can wear trainers to school and wear them all day. All books will be read online, if you need help with this please contact us via Mrs Madden. 


See you all soon and stay safe. 

Miss Francis & Miss Lynch


Have a look at some of the awesome work done during lockdown. 

Sharing into equal groups in maths and explaining our answers.

Learning how to use exclamation marks and speech bubbles and working hard on our handwriting.

Learning about plants and looking closely at what we find in nature.

Welcome to Dragonflies! 


In our class we have Miss Francis and Miss Lynch helping us with our learning. We are enjoying learning new things in year one and are working hard to get used to our new routines. We have PE twice a week; Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. We need to keep our PE kits in school as we may still need them for other active tasks sometimes. Our PE kit needs to have black shorts, red t-shirt and black pumps.


In year one we still have our reading books which we will be bringing home every day and need to practice reading at least a couple of pages every night. To help us learn we need to talk about what we have read and make predictions about what we think will happen and why. We will also be practicing this in class. As we are now doing some trickier work we will be bringing homework home with us every week. It will be given out on a Friday and needs to be in by the Thursday of the following week. 


Ice Worlds


This term our topic is Ice Worlds. We have been finding out all about the Arctic and Antarctica. We have learnt that the Arctic is mostly frozen ocean and includes some countries but Antarctica is a continent. After looking at a fantastic information book we learnt that Antarctica is the coldest and windiest place on the whole world. That's why nobody lives there. You can go visit but only for a little while and you have to take all of your rubbish home with you. Just imagine what it would be like if we had to take all of our rubbish home with us everyday after school!


We have been investigating what animals live in the polar regions and were amazed to find out that they don't have the same animals. Did you know that penguins only live in Antarctica and Arctic Foxes only live in the Arctic? We enjoy being scientists and have been using our science brains to learn about what different animal groups there are. Can you work out what animal group human beings belong to?



In English we have been focussing on using our punctuation correctly and focussing on our 'big five'. To extend our sentences we have been learning about using conjunctions (and, but, so, or, because) to join smaller sentences together and improve our writing. We enjoy sharing books and have been working hard on completing quizzes on books we read. This is helping our reading and understanding to develop. Often we talk about whether a book is fiction or non-fiction and what this means.


Keep checking back as we will share what we have been doing.