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We teach the majority of our curriculum using a creative topic approach. Each term we have a over-arching theme for each year group and these are shared in the curriculum maps. Where subjects do not lend themselves to a topic we teach them as discrete lessons, such as RE or music. PE and games is taught by a qualified sports coach and generally involves an indoor and an outdoor lesson each week. Our curriculum is supplemented by sessions with our visiting Rapper - Karl Nova, library sessions and educational visits.

Our literacy curriculum is reliant on good quality texts to support and model our expectations of exceptional reading and writing for all of our children. Reading is supported by 'Accelerated Reader,' a programme that supports children's understanding of their reading. This is complimented by group reading sessions and support for children who find it tricky to pick-up reading first time round. A number of our children enter the school with English as a new language and they are provided with additional support to allow them to catch-up with their peers quickly.

We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme and supplement this with additional resources such as Fischer Family Trust, ECAR and Five Minute Box.

Our maths curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is supported by Assertive Mentoring, to help us to really understand what children do and don't understand. We know that, in Maths, we need to get the basics right, so we use many techniques to help children to learn their tables and the facts associate to number sequencing, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. One of our most successful support programmes is an App that gives children regular practise of all of these operations and helps them to apply their knowledge to new and more challenging concepts.


Please read the documents below to see how we cover the National Curriculum and what your child will be learning. At the start of each year we provide all parents and carers a  copy of a 'Passport' for the academic year. These are available from the school office.