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We are working tirelessly to keep our school community safe. Please follow the procedures in school (detailed below) and follow the latest government advice. 



- Any parent/carer coming onto the school site wears a face covering and come alone where possible.


- No parent/carer enters the building anywhere on the site.

- Parents/carers to remain  2 metres away from staff and stand away from the school/class entrance when dropping off and collect your child.


- Children bring the minimum of personal possessions into school; just a coat, lunchbox if needed and reading book


- Homework is done on-line were possible, using TEAMs.


- Children wear their PE kit to school on PE days.


- Drop off and collect promptly.


- Do not linger on the school site, drop off/collect - then leave immediately.


- If you need to speak to a teacher or member of staff please telephone or email the school office.


- Please socially distance around the site and whilst waiting to enter the site.


- DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD OR ENTER THE SITE if you or your child has a temperature, persistent cough or loss of sense of smell or taste. Lesser symptoms can also be a sore throat, headache and or an upset stomach.


- If you or your child has any of the COVID symptoms you will not be permitted back onto the school site until you have a negative test result or have self-isolated for 10 days.


This is all detailed in the risk assessment in the section above.


For information about home learning please visit the 'Children' section of the website and click on the home learning section or click the link below:-