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Although there is no formal requirement to deliver careers guidance in primary school, we know that a number of our pupils are not aware of the opportunities available to them once the reach Year Eleven. It is the ethos of the school to constantly strive to better and improve ourselves, by setting ambitious targets and know that we must always try our hardest. The pupils and their families know this as ‘The Tithe Farm Way.’

The target setting, goal-driven ethos starts with the youngest children, where they set targets around the Early Years Curriculum; these are agreed with parents and the child. In Key Stage One, pupils agree their targets several times a year as part of the Individual Pupil Conference (IPC.) The targets are based on a pupils’ understanding of what they need to get better at and work books are used to provide evidence to support discussions.

In Key Stage Two, pupils IPC targets are supplemented by the Pegasus Award. This is a ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ style award, where pupils progress through a number of medals, by setting and achieving targets. These targets can be curriculum-based, but are also personal and citizenship based. To support the delivery of Pegasus, the pupils have developed a support group for their peers to allow them to aim high and meet their challenges.

More specific careers guidance is woven throughout the ethos of the school and, when available, local residents share their career experiences through mediums such as assembly. Coupled with this, pupils in upper key stage 2 visit a university and have a ‘trial day’ as a student. For many of our pupils, university education is not a route their families have historically taken. This University experienced is offered in-line with taster days at the local technical college – when the college permits this.