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The Iron Age Celtic Bard

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This week we have been focussing on Celtic bards, which are stories that are memorized and put to music. This is how information and history was shared during the iron age of the Celts. Please enjoy the video below of one of Buzzard's groups retelling the story of a mighty tribe battle, with their jester providing extra entertainment!


Wow, what a fantastic return we have had in Buzzards. Firstly, we would like to express our awe at how brilliantly the year 4s and 5s have settled in to the new class. It has been wonderful to see how everyone adapted so quickly, and you should all be very proud!


We have been extremely busy in English so far this term with reading 'The Adventures of Odysseus', which is a challenging text with high brow vocabulary. Both year 4s and 5s have added new words in their writing that they have learnt along the way and we have worked hard as a class to improve our presentational skills. Some members of the class are born to perform, whilst others started off quite shy and have now started to find their feet. We have looked at retelling Greek myths, writing motivational speeches and predicting which unbelievable obstacle will finally kill off the great Odysseus!


Another of our focusses has been on understanding the link between art and history, and how lots of what we know about ancient civilizations is thanks to the different art forms they have left behind. So far, we have looked at a variety of modern artists (From the 1500s to the present day), the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.  


Keep up the outstanding effort Buzzards!

Return to school!

Hello and welcome to the brand new Buzzards page! By now we are sure you have heard that we will be returning to school from Monday 8th March, and we are extremely excited to finally get our lovely new class up and running.


There may be a few of you who feel a bit nervous about coming back to a new class and there may also be a few of you who cannot wait, both and all of these feelings are completely normal. Rest assured that all the adults at school will do their very best to make your return to us as safe, engaging and relaxed as possible. 


There are a few things to remember on your return:


  • Mondays and Fridays Mrs Curtis, our new deputy headteacher, will be teaching you and she will be greeting you first thing on the 8th - she cannot wait to meet you all!


  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you will be taught by Miss Nunn.


  • The school routine will be similar to before Christmas, including social distancing wherever possible and making sure our hands stay clean.


  • You will need to enter the school grounds as you were doing before Christmas, and then entering via the Year 5 door (the one closest to our classroom).


  • You will be leaving via the Year 4 door at the end of the day (the door by the PE container).


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are our PE days, so you will need to come to school in your in PE kits.


  • Your coats and lunch bags will be hung up in the classroom, so please come straight up to class when you arrive.


  • You should only be bringing in your reading book and log, lunch (if you are not school dinners) and a water bottle. Please do not bring in any unneccessary  items as there is limited space in the classroom. We will be leaving doors and windows open to circulate air, so please bring in coats.


  • You will have break and lunch time with Foxes and Badgers, so will have plenty of time to spend with the children in your year groups - I'm sure they'll be very excited to hear all about our new class.


We cannot wait to see you all very soon!

Miss Nunn, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Hawthorne blush