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Understanding that the Arts enrich the lives of everyone is at the forefront of our delivery of the Art and Design curriculum across our school. Our context is such that many of our children have a limited exposure to the Arts (incorporating mediums and techniques). The challenge for our curriculum delivery is to give pupils exposure to both 2D and 3D Art whilst informing their work with a developing knowledge of the characteristics of recognised artists. We do this effectively by incorporating the styles of artists as broad as Pollock, Banksy and Rodin and using them as inspiration to create individual pieces of work that our children take pride in. This is supported through our Artist of the Term and is complemented by our musician of the term and poem of the term.  An Annual Art week allows time for the whole school to explore the work of a specific artist and a much broader variety of materials to develop their own Art installation. We celebrate all Art forms and use them as a stimulus for our Art and Design curriculum. Where appropriate Art and Design teaching is linked to other subjects such as Greek pottery design in the historical study of Ancient Greece.

For those children who have a personal interest in developing their artistic skills, we offer after school art classes and exposure to current working artists in a wide range of mediums.

Children start at Tithe Farm in Reception and their baseline assessments indicate that they have limited exposure to imaginative play and exploring media and materials. The Early Years Curriculum delivery places great emphasis on giving children wider access to these elements of the curriculum, allowing them to make rapid progress.

Our assessment data shows us that boys are more challenged in Art and Design, therefore we tailor our curriculum to engage, motivate and inspire all pupils paying particular attention to boys, children from different cultures and our hard-pressed families.

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