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Welcome to Amber Class!


In Amber, Miss Ward is our class teacher and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Homer, Miss Rogers and Mrs Niculcea. We cannot wait to start children off on their learning journey. 


This year we will have PE on Tuesday and Friday. Children will need to come in wearing their PE kits. Their PE kit should include black shorts/jogging bottoms, red t-shirt and black trainers. We also encourage you to send your child in with spare clothes, in their bookbag, for the first term in case they need changing. In the winter months we would also recommend wellies as we will be exploring our outside environment in all weather. 


Throughout the year we will be learning about lots of exciting topics but we will be starting with the topic “Super Me!” 


We cannot wait to meet you and your families. 


Please check back regularly to see the children's exciting learning journey. 


Reception Coffee Morning.


Thank you for attending our Reception coffee morning. We hope it was a good opportunity for you to meet some of the other parents, see how your children have settled into school and experience some of the learning that has been taking place over the last few weeks. We hope to have a number of other parent sessions throughout the year.   



Amazing Writing!

Unfortunately, last week in Amber Class last Sid the Spider (one of our learning friends) went missing! All of the children were devastated and wanted Sid to come back. Miss Ward modelled how to make a missing poster, explaining that we can put the posters up around the school, so that others know he is missing and will bring him back. During Learning Through Play the children explored making their own missing posters, working super hard on their mark making and letter formation. Thankfully this helped Sid find his way home! He had been on an amazing journey, exploring a beautiful garden and eating popcorn at the cinema, before surprising Amber Class on Monday morning. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 


Last half term we learnt all about the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. Whilst learning about the number 3 we explored the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and as a class we made some yummy porridge. Working together Amber Class had to follow instructions, measure ingredients and use kitchen equipment safely. After cooking the porridge made one batch salty and the other sweet. Amber Class then tasted both and voted that the sweet porridge was their favourite.  

New Topic: Celebrate with Me!


For this half term our new topic is 'Celebrate with Me!' We will be exploring a range of different celebrations and festivals from different cultures.


To start our new topic we celebrated bonfire night. For our super start we celebrated bonfire night by: exploring the changing seasons by spotting as many different coloured leaves we could, roasting marshmallows over a fire and drinking hot chocolate. Over the week the children learnt about how to keep themselves safe around fire. They were able to remind Miss Ward that that needed to stay back, have a bucket of water and always let an adult be in charge of the matches. 

New Topic: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!


This spring half term we are exploring space in Amber class. The children amazed me with their space knowledge in the first week, with some being able to name all the planets! 

We have learnt about the moon being made of rock, how craters are made and decided what we would take with us on a space adventure.  

A Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. 


In Amber class we explored night and day this week as part of our space topic. We discovered Vincent Van Gogh's painting of A Starry Night and then made our own version. Everyone worked hard to paint like Van Gogh by using small lines, painting shapes and mixing the correct colours. We worked together as a team to make our beautiful painting. 

New Topic: How Does Your Garden Grow. 


This spring half term we have been learning about growing and changing. The children were able to talk about lots of different minibeasts and plants that we can find in our gardens. We spoke about not everyone having a garden and how we can still grow flowers in yogurt pots and old boxes. Amber class have loved exploring the schools pond area to investigate the life cycle of frogs and  we now have caterpillars in the classroom to observe their changes. Through the rest of spring and summer we will continue to be planting a range of flowers, fruits and vegetables to see what wildlife comes into our garden. 

Trip to Houghton Hall Kitchen Garden. 


Today we had an adventure going to Houghton Hall Kitchen Gardens. The children were all impeccably behaved and showed the Tithe Farm Way traveling to the gardens and talking to people in our community. Children were able to listen to the facts shared and also pass on their own knowledge they have learnt during our topic 'How does your garden grow?' They were fascinated to learn that potatoes grow under the soil, cucumber plants grow upwards like our beanstalks and dragonflies start life living underwater in ponds. Amber and Ruby class were so interested and well behaved that we have been invited back in the summer term to see how far the vegetables have grow. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better then!

New Topic: We are Going to the Zoo!


This half term our new topic is going to be 'We are going to the Zoo!'


Amber class were able to name many different types of wild animals and share some amazing facts with me during our first week. Some of the children were able to use some of the key vocabulary we will be learning about. For example, they were able to talk about a lizard using camouflage to hide and that giraffes are herbivores. They were all very excited to be writing down their ideas and facts before going to the zoo to learn more information. 


Whipsnade Zoo Trip: 


Yesterday, Amber class went to Whipsnade Zoo as part of our topic. During our adventure to the zoo children asked intelligent questions about the different types of animals we saw. They were fascinated with the wild boar and its 9 boarlets, the lions sleeping in the sun, watching the fish swimming at the aquarium and looking at how tall the giraffes are compared to them. All of the children were impeccable behaved and were able to travel around the zoo safely. 

Jubilee Day. 


This week we have celebrated Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee by learning about her childhood, what toys she would have played with and learnt a marching song. We then had the opportunity to share what we had learnt with our families and perform our song. 

NEW TOPIC: Off on a Journey. 


In their last half term in Amber class the children will be exploring a wide range of different vehicles and stories about journeys. At the start of the topic children have asked lots of questions that they would like answered about different vehicles including: how do trains drive? what is the fastest way to travel? and how do we get to different countries? Over the half term children will have opportunities to answer their questions using non-fiction and fictional books, analyse pictures and go on a school trip to see vehicles used in the past. 


Please see the Curriculum Overview for this topic:

Trip to the Shuttleworth Collection


This week we went to the Shuttleworth Collection to explore different modes of transport that were built in the past. The children in Amber class asked lots of questions and found out some amazing facts, such as:


- The Little Nellie helicopter was used in a James Bond film.
- The Penny Farthing bike has one big and one small wheel. The bigger the wheel the faster the bike goes.
- The red plane won a race to Australia and flew over green countryside, deserts and jungles.


All of the children were impeccably behaved and excited to explore transport from the past.