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Our class teacher is Miss Brassinne and our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Homer.


Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday - Don't forget your kits!



Parent brochure for Spring term - Frosty Footprints

Spring Term Curriculum Plans

The other day we came in from lunch to find that we had had a surprise visitor. There were great big footprints going through the room. We also found black buttons, a hat, a scarf, brown buttons, a carrots, twigs and a big puddle of water.

We brought all the clues together, and tried to think of who might have been in our classroom. We came up with lots of ideas, like the big, bad wolf (he had visited us last term), Mr Nunn (big footprints), Father Christmas ( footprints). In the end we arranged the clues to where we would find them on a body, and realised it was a snowman!

We then thought of lots of questions we wanted to ask him. Let's hope he replies to us.

We came into our classroom to find a message from our friend the Snowman frozen inside a block of ice!

We explored different ways of melting ice to help us get the message out. We tried hot water, putting it by the heater, wrapping it up, hair dryer and salt.

We found that the hot water and the hair dryer melted the ice the fastest.

We went on a walk to the sensory garden to look for signs of Winter. It was very cold, so we had to wrap up warm. There was frost on the ground, making it very hard. the bridge into the garden was to slippery to walk over, we had to be very careful. There were no leaves on any of the trees, and some of the bushes had berries on for the birds to eat. It was that cold the pond had frozen over, and the water in our tray had turned to ice.

The only thing that was missing was the snow!

But lucky for us it came the following week and we got to play in it!!!

Learning through Play