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Welcome to Seals class page from Mrs Dew.


This term Seals have been learning about the Stone Age, beginning with a visit to the school field where we imagined we had just arrived in the Stone Age, just like Stone Age Boy (from the class book by Satoshi Kitamura). We decided we needed to make a (pretend) fire, hunt some animals for food and skins for clothes, before making a shelter with sticks.

In art we have created Stone Age pottery and a painting/collage of Stonehenge. In geography we have compared modern settlements to Stone Age settlements and researched Mary Anning, a Victorian paleontologist who found the first complete skeleton of a plesiosaur - you may not have heard of her because she was a woman in a male dominated Victorian society!  In science Seals have been learning about different rock types and their properties.

From rocks to rock n roll, in music Seals have learned a rock n roll dance routine in PE when they're not outside learning hockey. 

They have also begun learning French and have demonstrated a talent for the accent.


Seals have settled well and are showing great learning in all areas and I am looking forward to our journey together.