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Pupil Representatives

Our Houses

The school council agreed to a new set of house names during their meeting at the Town Council offices. The custom-made signs took a while to arrive but we now officially have LOVE, LAUGH, THINK and SMILE. Everyone, including teachers, are working hard to win house points so their house gets the trophy. Houses are supported and encouraged by House Captains chosen from Year 6.

Head Boy and Head Girl


Alongside our house system we have a Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl.  These are chosen from our Year 6 class. This year Head Boy is Jorge and Head Girl is Maisie. Their deputies are Isa and Shazia.

School Council


Representatives of each class have been elected to sit on the School Council.  Children in each class voted for which boy and girl they would like to see represent them.  The full committee is  listed below:-



Chair person- Lis 

Treasurer - Bartek
Secretary - Joshua Williams
Yr 6 PTA Strategist - Taylor, Ashlyn

Executive members - Jorge, Maisie, Shazia, Isa


Owls - Liam & Nati

Frogs - Milena & Olivier

Newts - Leyla & Finnley

Otters - Riley & Lily Rae

Seals - Theo & Chloe

Foxes - Brandon & Veseriah

Beavers - Lillie Mai & Kieron

Hedgehogs - Kara & Alix

Hares - Caitlin & Kai

Badgers - Taylor & Ashlyn


The school council retain their minutes in their folder. This can be shared with any additional parties on request.
School Council meetings are held in the hall every other  Thursday.


We are determined to improve our environment and have a determined team of warriors to support our efforts and get everyone SAVING THE PLANET!

They are led by Ms McKune, Mason and Morgan.