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Pupil Representatives

Our Houses

Picture 1 Basilisk
Picture 2 Pegasus
Picture 3 Phoenix
Picture 4 Wyvern

All the children from Nursery through to Year 6 have been allocated a house as have all the staff.

Children can earn house tokens for their house from any member of staff.  Tokens are given for a number of reasons in support of our values education programme.  The tokens are placed in special jars in the library and counted weekly.  Each week at celebration assembly the House Cup is awarded to the house which has earned the most tokens.  Children and staff in each house have voted for their choice of House Captain and Vice-Captain.  Each nominee from year 5 and 6 gave a short speech to explain to the school why they would like to be chosen.  House Captains for this year are as follows:-


Basilisk Captain - Niccara


Pegasus Captain - Rhys


Phoenix Captain - Chelsie


Wyvern Captain - Sienna

Head Boy and Head Girl


Alongside our house system we have a Head Boy and Head Girl.  These are chosen from our Year 6 class. This year Head Boy is Remek and Head Girl is Roxy.

School Council


Representatives of each class have been elected to sit on the School Council.  Children in each class voted for which boy and girl they would like to see represent them.  The full committee is  listed below:-



Chair person- Harvey 

Treasurer - Diljeet 
Secretary - Shannon
Strategist - Curtis

Executive members - Remek and Roxy


Blackbirds – Demi & Shazia

Starlings - Ellie 

Magpies – Archie & Iveta

Chaffinches – Jayden & Faith 

Kingfishers – Millie 

Herons - Max 

Puffins – Katie 

Robins – Taimoor

Woodpeckers – Ardi 

The school council retain their minutes in their folder. This can be shared with any additional parties on request.
School Council meetings are held in the meeting room at 12.15 on Thursdays. The School Council will be meeting in the council chambers on 10th March 2017 and Cllr Slough will co-chair the meeting with Harvey.