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Welcome to Otters class page. Over the term, there will be lots of updates on this page.


Our class teacher is Miss. Lowry and our Learning Support Assistant is Miss Golder


PE and swimming

Our PE lesson is currently on a Tuesday afternoon. We also have a swimming lesson on a Thursday morning. Children will need a swimming costume (A one piece cosie for girls and short speedo like trunks for boys) and a towel. Children may bring goggles if they wish as this improves confidence in the pool. They will walk to Houghton Regis leisure center and get the mini bus back. 


Homework is sent out on a Friday and is due back the following Wednesday. Spellings are sent out on a Monday and the children will be tested on Friday. MyMaths is also set. If your child is unable to do MyMaths homework at home, Please let us know.


Rocks and Fossils


Our science topic is about rocks and fossils. We learned about the different types of rocks and tested them for density, strength and texture.







Testing Rocks

Testing Rocks 1
Testing Rocks 2




We have been learning all about traditional tales and story endings. We had to match the ending to the story. We then described a traditional setting in many fairy tales-  the deep, dark woods!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Science Week

During science week, we completed a variety of different experiments to solve a crime. There was a robbery at a sweet shop and we used a range of clues found at the crime scene to help us. We examined the teeth marks found at our crime scene and compared them to our suspects teeth. We used chromatography to test the pen on the ransom note and we melted a range of different sweets to find out which one was most like the sweet found at crime scene. 

Our experiements

Our experiements 1
Our experiements 2
Our experiements 3
Our experiements 4
Our experiements 5
Our experiements 6
Our experiements 7
Our experiements 8
Our experiements 9
Our experiements 10
Our experiements 11
Our experiements 12

A river in a bottle


In spring term, we learned about rivers and mountains and made our own river in a bottle. We added clay, sand, gravel, water, leaves and sticks to a bottle and shook it all up. We then let it settle for a while and we could clearly see all the different layers of materials in the bottle, just like a real river. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3