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Please find below important documents and information about our school.

We are very proud of our results for 2018 as they show the excellent progress our pupils are making. More children leave Tithe Farm Primary performing above the national average at Key Stage 2. Our combined results for Year 6 in Reading, Writing and Maths are the highest in Central Bedfordshire.


Staff at Tithe Farm are striving to make the learning for our children better all the time. Whilst we remain delighted with the provisional pupil outcomes, we use this information to reflect on areas that we can continue to improve in. The analysis of the data, a foci for 2018-2019, is as follows:


Attainment and Progress Summary:


Early Years


The GLD result for 2018 was below national and slightly lower than the previous year, although an improvement on 2016. The average point score (32.2) was 2.3 points below the 2017 national.

The cohort for 2017-18 was considerably different to the previous year with 23.1% PPG, 46.2% EAL and 10.3% with significant SEND.  A number of the children joined the school mid-year.

The analysis of attainment of GLD for different groups indicates the following:

Of the pupils who had spent the previous year in our Nursery provision (22 pupils) 77.3% achieved GLD

Children born in the autumn or Spring exceeded 75% GLD, whilst those born in the summer only achieved 43%

Children who do not meet our 'vulnerable' criteria (28 pupils) achieved 75% GLD, whilst those with additional challenges and support from other agencies achieved 36%.

All pupils made good progress with 67% progressing on average six or more points through the year.





There is a three year trend of improvement in Year 1 phonics results and the 2018 is above the national average for 2018. The cohort was small (20 pupils) and of the three pupils who did not meet the standard 2 arrived in the summer term with very limited English.


Year 2 Key Stage One


2018 results show an improvement on 2017 in all subjects, with a significant improvement in those pupils who achieved greater depth. For all pupils reading was broadly in-line with 2017 National results (75 / NA 76) whilst greater depth was significantly better than the National average (44 / NA 25.) Writing and Maths were weaker at the expected standard and below national (W- 56/ NA 68. M – 69 / NA 75) however, greater depth was significantly better than 2017 National (W – 25/ NA 16. M 28 / NA 21.) Girls achieved better than boys in all areas but most markedly in literacy. It should be noted that the EAL pupils were 82% boys. . Almost half of all girls (13 pupils) achieved greater depth in reading, writing and maths.

The 11 Ever 6 pupils achieved better than all pupils both in their class and broadly better than national in reading and maths, but attained lower than their peers in writing. This achievement was not reflected in greater depth scores in writing and maths that were below those for their peers and nationally.

The 11 pupils with English as an additional language achieved less well than their peers.

Matched pupils who have been with the school since the start of Year 1 achieved 43% at GLD. This would indicate very strong progress across the two years.

This strong progress is evident across reading, writing and maths.


Year 6 Key Stage Two


Attainment in Year 6 is above national in all areas and in the top five for the local authority. The combined score for reading writing and maths is the highest for Central Bedfordshire (R- 92 / NA 75. W – 92 / NA 78. M – 92 / NA 76. Combined 88 / NA 64.) Pupils achieved an average score of 107 for reading and writing and 106 for Maths.

19 pupils were matched from Reception and 95% of pupils were working at the expected standard, with an average overall score of 109 for reading and 106 for writing and maths. 31 pupils have been with the school throughout Key Stage 2, of those pupils 97% reached the expected standard in writing and 94% in reading, maths and science.

Pupil premium pupils achieved better than their peers in all areas.

Of the pupils who did not achieve the required standard two did not take the tests.

Greater depth has been calculated on the same criteria for 2017. The pupils who achieved greater depth has significantly improved in reading and maths but dipped in Writing. Pupil premium pupils did not achieve at the same level as all pupils in greater depth. National percentages are based on 2017 data and greater depth pupils achieved better than the national average in reading and maths. There was no gender gap in maths and a slight difference in favour of girls in reading and writing. At greater depth boys exceeded girls in all areas.

Provisional results for 2018

HMI Monitoring letter (Section 8 visit). This letter recognises the progress the school has made towards becoming solidly good. All staff continue to strive for excellence; our children deserve it!