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We have begun working on our school production, year 6 are:  learning lines,  painting sets,  singing song and sipping on gruel. Make sure you look after your valuables round our Fagin's boys and sip yer drink at Nancy's as we get into character.


With a little more Omm-Pah-Pah we'll get there so Be Back Soon!

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Open Afternoon of Poetry - Karl Nova


We welcomed parents for an open afternoon of poetry. We were thrilled with the turn out and the parents really got stuck-in helping us! Not only did we get to do more of our favourite writing (poetry) but we also got to perform some with Karl Nova when he made a surprise appearance. He was even kind enough to break out a rap of his own for the parents.

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Alternative Sports Day


On the Alternative Sports Day we played a variety of different sports and took some time to think about what habits make us healthy for life. in the morning we found that it was important to all of us that we have a variety of fun things we can do to keep active as we get older. Fortunately that was  exactly what we explored!


The class took part in sessions on:

  • Table Tennis
  • Assault Courses
  • Tchouckball 
  • Street Dance
  • Circuit Training


By the end of the day we were completely knackered but it was fun learning all the unusual sports we can do which we don't play every day. Some of us even found new favourite sports.

Crime and Punishment

This term, we will be studying Crime and Punishment in History. We have put together some of the key vocabulary we will be using. Have a look below and see if you recognise these words. Can you spell them?

Year Six Open Afternoon

On the 16th March, we had an open afternoon for our parents. They came and helped us build a weather station as part of our DT project.


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Karl Nova


New this term is the poet-in-residence Karl Nova. He has been an exciting addition to our Friday timetable. He works with year 6 all morning and has helped us to up-level our English writing, he has focused on poetry and RAP which he explained comes from Rhythm And Poetry.

Christmas Holidays


Have a wonderful Christmas Break from Mr Atkinson and Mrs Hawthorne!

Black History Walk


In the Autumn Term we went on a year group trip to London visiting places important to Black History. We also visited The Museum  Of London. 


We learned about the slavery triangle that existed between Europe, Africa and America.


There are lots of People we learned about including Olaudah Equiano a famous trader.


Olaudah Equiano, frontpiece from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano.png

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Welcome to Hares Class


We aim to do the best we can in everything we try. We know that with hard work and dedication we can achieve anything!


Our class's teacher is Mr Atkinson and our Learning Support Assistant is  Mrs Hawthorne.


This year we will be working together to learn about a whole range of topics which you can read about in the documents below. They range from written mathematical methods to the Benin Dynasty in Africa. We cannot wait to see what challenges await in the new term.


Our homework is given out on a Friday and due back on Wednesday. There may be extra tasks to do at home some weeks.