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Welcome to Hares class 2018!

Welcome indeed, to a new year of fun, friendship and learning.


Before we begin here are some important people you may need to know about:


Mrs Boland: Class Teacher (Mon-Weds)


Mr Atkinson: Class Teacher (Weds-Fri)


Miss Conway: Teaching Assistant




Subjects This Term

As well as the core curriculum subjects we will be looking at Australia in Geography, we have also linked our Art to this subject as we are looking at Aboriginal Art to inspire us. 


We have been learning about Crime and Punishment in History which has been wonderfully scary and frightfully informative. Very suitable as we build up to Halloween at half term. RE has also allowed us to explore the religious significance of Justice.


In Computing we have been working on Excel as a life skill and finding fun ways we can use it to help us in and out of school. PE meanwhile has given us a chance to experience Cricket and continue our Athletics from last year.