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Welcome to Amphibians class page!


Please keep checking back for updates about our learning and all the amazing experiences we are having!


Our class teacher is Mrs Maloney and our learning support assistants are Mrs Cannon and Mrs Bowley.


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PE takes place on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon, please try to make sure your child has sensible footwear for these days.



Homework will be handed out on a Friday and due back on a Thursday, this will include:

* weekly spellings (children will be tested on these on a Friday)

* a spelling activity

* a maths challenge


Children will also receive a Take Home Task to complete at home, this will be a task for pupils to complete over a few weeks to make sure it is absolutely fantastic!


Finally, could you please ensure your child is reading at home as much as possible. It allows them the chance to show off what they can do but also helps them to make great progress.

Summer Term


For our first art lesson, we went outside and explored different materials and techniques with a nature theme. We used lots of different materials including paint, crayons, pencils and chalk to create artwork linked to our new topic 'The Garden Party'.

Concept Vocabulary

To help us make links between areas of our learning, in our classroom we have a concept map. This has a range of words on it that we will cover during the summer term. Having this up in our room helps us to see all the new vocabulary we are going to be using, seeing how it links to other areas of our learning and it also gives us time to do some research to find out what new words mean before we start exploring them!

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Dunstable Downs

We took a trip to the wonderful Dunstable Downs to explore the area, exercise out in the open and look at the human and physical features linked to geography. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a hike up to the tallest hill. We were able to see for miles from the top and talked about the different geographical features we could see. Also, we spent some time sketching the amazing landscape, thinking carefully about size and perception. 

Spring Term


Our topic for this term is 'All About London'. We have been exploring the different countries and capital cities within the UK using maps and globes. We created a key to colour in the different countries clearly on our own map, then labelled the capital cities too. As a challenge, we drew the correct flags for each of the countries explored.

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For our take home task, we worked with our families to design and make a model of a famous London landmark. We have been learning lots about these in class, looking at structure, location, history and lots of other features. We created some AMAZING models, some with full landscapes, some big, some small, some with working clocks (with alarms too) and some with moving parts. We are so so so proud of how our models turned out.

Our Trip to London

We went on a school trip to London. We took a cruise down the River Thames and went to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. We saw the Houses of Parliament, Elizabeth Tower, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, St.Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London. Then we got on the coach and  headed over to the Tower of London. We went to see the Crown Jewels, they were beautiful! We loved the one with the huge emerald!

Great Fire of London

This half term we had an open afternoon when parents were invited to come and join in with our learning. We built sets of houses using cardboard boxes and then used them to recreate the Great Fire of London. We placed them next to each other, just like the houses back in 1666 - the fire burnt so quickly!

Science Week

For science week, we had a crime to solve! Our beloved guinea pigs, Gary and Gizmo, were stolen! We went to investigate the crime scene and found lots of clues to lead our investigation: footprints, a Harry Potter book, glasses, dustpan and brush, hay and a black pen. We received an email from different teachers telling us about the different suspects. We did a footprint analysis and a fingerprint analysis and it turns out it was Mr Smith!


Also, we spent some time investigating levers and pulleys. We used equipment to build our own and see how much weight we could lift. One of them could lift a whole 1kg!


We have been exploring different materials in our science lessons. We have talked about different

materials that we see all around us, their different properties and why they are good for different jobs. We decided that we shouldn't use wood to make windows because we wouldn't be able to see through them and we shouldn't make a coat from paper because it will get all soggy! Also, we spent some time exploring  different objects and thinking of vocabulary to describe their properties.

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World Book Day

On the 1st of March, we celebrated World Book Day! We came to school dressed as some of our favourite book characters. Across the week, we explored the story of Winnie the Witch. We used drama to act out the story, wrote character descriptions all about Winnie and even wrote our own stories! 

Autumn Term


In science we have been exploring habitats. We went around the school locating different habitats and the creatures that we found there. We found lots of nibbled leaves and this gave us a big clue that something had been living in the bushes!

All Around India

This term our topic is called 'All Around India'. We have explored some of the foods that are eaten in this culture and even made mini naan breads. We needed to read our instructions really carefully to create the dough, then knead it to make it stretchy and then flatten out into round shapes. Mrs Maloney used the cooker to fry our naan breads and we took them home at the end of the day. They were delicious!

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In art, we explored different patterns used within the Indian culture. We used these ideas to design and make our own diva lamps. First, we created a thumb pot by pushing our thumb into a ball of clay, then we modelled it so a tea light would sit inside. We then used different tools to carve in detailed designs, including swirls, flowers and symmetrical patterns.

Religious Visit


We went on a coach to Bedford to explore different religious buildings we have been learning about in RE. We started off visiting a Gurdwara, where Sikhs go to worship. Next, we headed off to the Mosque, where Muslims go to worship. Finally, we went to the Church, where Christians go to worship. Each building was very different but very beautiful! The Gurdwara's prayer room was huge with lots of different colours, the Mosque had a lovely, green carpet with prayer mat patterns on it and the Church had lot of different pictures and statues. In the Gurdwara and Mosque, we all covered our hair and took our shoes off as a sign of respect.

Task Time

During our 'Task Time' we have the opportunity to develop lots of different skills including writing, phonics, reading, maths, problem solving, creativity, research and LOADS more! We share our learning with our friends and support each other (this helps us to show off our Bertie Bee learning friend!)