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Welcome to Foxes!


We are a Year 4 class. Our teacher is Miss Owen and our learning support assistant is Mrs Mustafa.


Earlier on in the year we learnt about the local area. This involved lots of trips out and about, including visiting the local park:


Orienteering around Campbell Park, in Milton Keynes:


 ... and even challenging ourselves to complete a 10km hike from Dunstable Downs:



... stopping for hot chocolate of course!

Science Week


On Monday 19th March, somebody broke into our classroom and ate Miss Owen's rocky road slices. They left behind them a note, and a half eaten cake...



Luckily, they left behind the pen they had used, so we used chromatography to find which one it was.



Through observation and process of elimination, we found the correct pen and managed to lift the fingerprint that had been left...

We then took fingerprints of the main suspects, and analysed their handwriting, to find out that it was in fact, Miss Thibeault!!

Important information


PE kit

We have PE on a Tuesday afternoon, and a Friday afternoon. Occasionally you will need it for other activities, so it's best to have it in school all week, just in case!

One of our lessons is outside, so your PE kit should include suitable outdoor footwear, plain jogging bottoms and a rugby shirt/plain jumper, as well as black shorts and a red t-shirt for warmer weather.



  • Children are expected to read daily for about 15 minutes. This does not necessarily need to be to an adult, and can be either their library book or their reading scheme book.
  • Written homework is given out on a Friday afternoon, and is due back in by Wednesday.
  • Each week, children will receive about half an hour of Maths and English homework, as well as a set of spellings to learn.
  • The Maths homework is set online at
  • Each child has their own login, and will have received a letter explaining how to access the homework.

If you need help, or don't have the internet at home, homework club runs on a Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime in the computer suite.