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Dragonflies move to icy climates for Spring!


Dragonflies have returned after their Christmas break and for our topic we are off to the North and South poles to discover what and who might live is freezing and frosty but with a tent in the classroom and a good knowledge of the equipment we need to survive, we are excited to explore!


In Maths we are measuring, we know from our height chart that we have all grown and now we are measuring tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest and finding out what mass is heavy, heavier, heaviest and light, lighter, lightest as well as long, longer, longest... watch this space for photographs.


In English we are looking at Big Bear Little Brother, a story about a polar bear and a a boy who tells him 'we don't have to be the same to be brothers', written by Karl Norac. The front cover has already inspired us to use some super describing words in our work.


On Friday we were excited to meet Karl Nova and learn that RAP stands for rythm and poetry, we thought of cool names to call ourselves before we learned the first verse of a RAP. 


In P.E we are doing gymnastics with Mr Wheeler, we will be learning how to move and control our bodies and learn some new moves.


We have also been using the ipads to complete Accelerated Reader tests when we finish reading our books, as a class we score 100% and individually we are becoming experts at our own tests.


Our times tables are improving by using Kindles to practise our 2x, 5x and 10x tables, this is really helping with our maths learning.



Class for Sept 2018