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Picture 1 What's happened to the three bears house?

Welcome to Cuckoos page.  


Our teacher is Miss Francis and our LSA is Mrs Homer.  


PE is on a Thursday and Friday so your child will need PE kit (black shorts, red t-shirt and suitable footwear).  


Spellings and reading books are changed and sent home every Friday so you will need a book bag for them so they are able to carry them themselves. Please encourage your child to have a go at the spellings and talk about the phonemes that we have been learning. Your child will also benefit from reading daily, encourage your child to sound out and blend the phonemes in order to say the word and to talk about what they have read. 


We have been learning all about toys this term. This week we have been looking at teddy bears using the story of Goldilocks. When we came in from lunch we found a crime scene in the three bears kitchen. Someone had eaten some of mummy and daddy bears porridge and all of baby bears porridge. They had made such a mess with porridge and even broke baby bears chair. We all investigated the crime scene, finding footprints and some yellow hair for clues. When we looked at the evidence we decided our suspect was Goldilocks so we made wanted posters and put them up around the school to find her.