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Spring Term - Living on Thin Ice

We had a bit of a surprise when coming into the classroom after the Christmas holidays...our classroom had been turned into an icy, frozen world! There were clues to suggest that someone had been living in there; an igloo, cushions, pots and pans and a coat, hat and gloves. There were even snowy footprints on the floor! We are very curious, so set out to find out who this person was. 


We wrote them a letter, asking lots of questions and telling them a bit about ourselves, and are hoping to hear back very soon. 

We decided to carry out an ice experiment to find out where ice would melt the quickest. 
Picture 1 We placed one tray of ice in front of the radiator
Picture 2 And two trays outside
After waiting for a little while, we checked to see what had happened. The ice in front of the radiator had melted, but the ice out on the playground had not. We found out that this was because ice melts in warm temperatures. Our predictions were right!