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Welcome to Cuckoos!  


Our teacher is Miss Francis and our wonderful LSA's are Mrs Cannon and Mrs Payne. One of us will always be available on the door if you have any questions or concerns.


PE is on a Tuesday morning so your child will need PE kit (black shorts, red t-shirt and suitable footwear). This term we are going to be practicing getting ready for PE by ourselves, learning the rules that we follow to stay safe and playing lots of fun games.


Soon we will be getting reading books as we are on our way to being fantastic readers. Our reading books are changed and sent home weekly so you will need a book bag for them so they are able to carry them themselves. Your child will also benefit from reading daily, encourage them to sound out and blend the phonemes in order to say the word and to talk about what they have read as well as what they can understand from the pictures. As we learn more sounds in phonics you will be amazed at how much progress can be made when receiving support and praise from the fantastic adults that share books with them.


In maths we will be doing lots of counting and exploring shapes so if we are out and about help us to practice this by counting out items and talking about what they can see. Our maths lessons are very practical so the majority of our work is using items and playing games as this is how we best learn.


The rest of our topic work will be planned 'in the moment'. This means that as our interests develop the skilled practitioners in reception will help us to learn about what we are interested in. This may mean that your child will say that they have just been playing as when you are learning about something which you find really exciting it doesn't even feel like work. It's just fun! 


We are all so excited for the amazing adventure that we are going to have this year! smiley

In The Moment Planning Concept Map