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Welcome to Amphibians class page!


Please keep checking back for updates about our learning and all the amazing experiences we are having!


Our class teacher is Mrs Maloney and our learning support assistants are Mrs Cannon and Mrs Bowley


PE takes place on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon, please try to make sure your child has sensible footwear for these days.



Homework will be handed out on a Friday and due back on a Thursday, this will include:

* weekly spellings (children will be tested on these on a Friday)

* a spelling activity

* a maths challenge


Children will also receive a Take Home Task to complete at home, this will be a task for pupils to complete over a few weeks to make sure it is absolutely fantastic!


Finally, could you please ensure your child is reading at home as much as possible. It allows them the chance to show off what they can do but also helps them to make great progress.


In science we have been exploring habitats. We went around the school locating different habitats and the creatures that we found there. We found lots of nibbled leaves and this gave us a big clue that something had been living in the bushes!

All Around India

This term our topic is called 'All Around India'. We have explored some of the foods that are eaten in this culture and even made mini naan breads. We needed to read our instructions really carefully to create the dough, then knead it to make it stretchy and then flatten out into round shapes. Mrs Maloney used the cooker to fry our naan breads and we took them home at the end of the day. They were delicious!

Picture 1

Religious Visit


We went on a coach to Bedford to explore different religious buildings we have been learning about in RE. We started off visiting a Gurdwara, where Sikhs go to worship. Next, we headed off to the Mosque, where Muslims go to worship. Finally, we went to the Church, where Christians go to worship. Each building was very different but very beautiful! The Gurdwara's prayer room was huge with lots of different colours, the Mosque had a lovely, green carpet with prayer mat patterns on it and the Church had lot of different pictures and statues. In the Gurdwara and Mosque, we all covered our hair and took our shoes off as a sign of respect.

Task Time

During our 'Task Time' we have the opportunity to develop lots of different skills including writing, phonics, reading, maths, problem solving, creativity, research and LOADS more! We share our learning with our friends and support each other (this helps us to show off our Bertie Bee learning friend!)